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Rodent Invasions in Collier County, Florida!

2010 2, 09

Combat the rodent intrusions! Call Ken at Affordable Trapping 239-465-9291 today! See:

Rat Control Naples

for an inspection today!


Four spacial dimensions – everything has them

2008 1, 08

Everything – I mean everything! has FOUR spacial DIMENSIONS! That’s why proteins like to fold the way they do, why it’s hard to figure out the shortest path from one point to another. We need a new “top down” way of looking at the universe, even the very small like quarks. [that’s why quarks seem to disappear – they don’t]. That’s where “dark matter” and “dark energy” is hiding — in fact, that’s where MASS IS. That’s where gravity lies. a “higgs field” or “higgs boson particle” is simply the 4th spacial dimension. You won’t find a particle that you can see that you can interact with in our dimension by smashing the atoms, unless you’re lucky, because it’s like being a two dimension being on a piece of paper not knowing you’re on a piece of paper. You scratch the paper’s surface and all this ‘stuff’ suddenly magically appears that you didn’t see before. It’s higher dimensional stuff that fell onto your paper (ie – into your dimension). Read on:



Google Friend Connect may be coming to

2008 14, 05

See the following article:

Google Friend Connect is coming! The Myspace killer!
— If naplesplus is accepted, all 560+ users on this site will be a part of Google Friend Connect