Naples Florida Community Website

I invite you to visit:
NAPLESPLUS: Naples FL News / Jobs / For Sale / Business Directory if you are in the Collier County, Florida area.

We are a website for all things in Naples, Florida. We’re not a tourist site. We’re not selling real estate. We’re for the people who live and work here.

Naples News: We collect as much local news as we can find, all in one place, from various newspapers, blogs, etc. Let me know if you want your local blog included.

Naples Jobs: Underemployed? You just might find a job through here. I try to collect all of the jobs from all of the sites that are in our area.

Naples Business Directory: This is the bulk of naplesplus. I have over 36,000 local area businesses listed that are OWNED and OPERATED by people in the local area. There’s a very very good chance that your local business is already on there. If not, add it yourself. If you want ownership of your page when you find your business (to add phone numbers, links, pics, etc), let me know at or call me at 239-465-9291 and I’ll make the changes and give you ownership. (you have to register first – there is no charge)

Plus calendars, videos, stuff for sale, and more.

It’s supported by Affordable Trapping also at 239-465-9291 – handling the removal of rats, raccoons, armadillos, opossuns, bees, snakes, dead animal removal in the Collier County, FL area. We’ll beat your lowest written estimate. We have a sister page at which is simply a business card site with our service area listed.

We have some facebook pages too. You can search for naplesplus or for affordable trapping and we’l come right up.

One Response to “Naples Florida Community Website”

  1. Kenneth Udut (@KennethUdut) Says:

    239-465-9291 Affordable Trapping – call Ken today! Rat removal, bat removal, raccoons removal, armadillo removel, opossum removal. In business since 2003 and serving Collier and parts of Lee County.

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