Talking with Author Milo Wolff, WSM

Milo Wolff has published on the Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter (WSM), a concept that returns the Universe to an understandable concept: that all matter is made up of waves and that particles at the smallest quantum level are not particles at all, but are spherical standing waves. It is also a holistic theory, that space isn’t empty space at all, that all matter/energy is interconnected (something that we intuitively know and he shows it to be true) and explains some of the apparent paradoxes in modern quantum physics are not paradoxes at all – they are explainable as WAVES.
He has published: Schroedinger’s Universe and the Origin of the Natural Laws and Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe: An Adventurers Guide.

I think he’s onto something very big, for if it can be proven to fully explain physics at least as well as the current Standard Model but ALSO explain gravity, weak force, strong force and the electromagnetic force (which it does — they are simply properties of different waves and NOT mysterious forces at all), it will cause a great upheaval in physics, not so much proving a lot of scientists wrong, but rather proving that they just didn’t dig deeply enough.

Kenneth Udut…e-universe
Naples, FL USA – Collier County FL.

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