darned phone line is down :-(

I did all the tricks in the book to get it going myself but nothing worked 😦 Now I have to call embarq tech support. Ah well, it’s been scratchy all week anyhow (and no, I’m not switching to broadband phone service — it may be cheaper but I’m not ready to depend on my computer for my phone 🙂 ) Or do you think I should get broadband phone service? -Ken

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One Response to “darned phone line is down :-(”

  1. Embarq Joey Says:


    This is Joey with Embarq Customer Reach Out. I found your post through an internet search for Embarq customer issues. We would like to offer our help. We are working hard to reach out to our customers that are not completely satisfied with our service and striving to improve our service with your help. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help. Please send me a message at Embarq_Joey@embarq.com with your telephone number and I will gladly help out. Thanks.

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