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2007 4, 05

Hate to bathe? Hate to shower? Skin get itchy at the thought?

2007 2, 05

Do you hate to bathe? Shower? Suffer from from intolerably dry skin that screams at 10 minutes after a full shower/bath? The answer: Spongebathing! Washcloth and soap [and shampoo for hair time – read on!]
A four day rotating schedule for spongebathing: Get clean in bits and pieces.

    Make a song out of it:
    * Day One: Feet, Elbows, Chest and Knees.
    * Day Two: Bottom part of legs, Forearms and neck.
    * Day Three: Upper Legs, Upper arms+ shoulders, Face.
    * Day Four: Hair, Genitals, Armpits, Stomach.

This way, the “clean” is spread out around your body, so no one large section has to tolerate the creeping sensation (which many people love) all at the same time.
You will smell better, feel better, without losing too much natural body oil which keeps the dry skin monster at bay.
I’m sure many of you wlil find this disgusting – especially if my family stumbles upon this page – but it beats hiding from showers as long as possible. I’m sure there is a medical term for this problem – I don’t know what it is – but there is my confession.
I hope this helps! -ken udut, 35, naples, fl