6 meals a day have names!

You’ve all read about the 6 meals-a-day. It can be difficult to remember, since we traditionally think of BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER with a few snacks inbetween perhaps (if you’re so inclined). The 6 meals don’t have regular names… do they?

But, in a discussion with my mother on the way home from the store, I finally have learned that there are ALREADY NAMES for the 6 meals a day!

5) DINNER (Dinner is always a “heavy” meal)
6) SUPPER (Supper is thought of as lighter).

There it is!

While dinner and supper are used interchangably, they DO have nuances of meaning.

Think of the word SOUP and SUPPER. – like “SOUPER”. Imagine a sandwhich and soup and a couple of cookies. That could be a supper, but NOT a dinner!

Something, ain’t it?

Ken, simplify3@aol.com


5 Responses to “6 meals a day have names!”

  1. manoj kumar Says:

    what’s this brunch . Who gets the time to take brunch

  2. Jenny Jones Says:

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  3. manu Says:

    ok but tell me more about brunch

  4. syed farhan ali Says:

    whats this supper

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