Hummus Style Dips

Hummus Style Dips

Compiled by Ken Udut 12/13/06 []

Ingredients (Basics):


1) the “Meat” [Usually Beans but – See “Meat” Below]

2) the “Smoother” [Oil or One of Several Alternatives Below]

3) Garlic – 1 to 8 Cloves [depending How Much Garlic You Like]

4) Lemons/limes – 1 to 2 [How Lemony or How Much “Bite” You Want in It]

5) Salt – 1 Tsp to 1 Tbls [more or less to Taste]

6) Cumin – a Few Shakes [More or less to Taste]

7) the “Optionals” [Pick and Choose!]

Mix in Food Processor or Blender until Smooth.

The “Meat”


Various Vegetable “Meats” for the Dip.

Note: the Main Rule Is That the “Meat” Needs to Be Somewhat

“Mushy” in Texture. Try Combining Several.

Approximately 4 Cups of “Meat”

1) 2 Cans Chickpeas = Hummus

2) Roasted Eggplant = Baba Ganouj

3) 2 Avocados

4) 4 Cups Green Olives

5) Roasted Carrots (Or Canned Carrots?)

6) Mashed Potatoes – Greek Skordalia

7) Roasted Pumpkin (Can Add Ricotta Cheese + Nutmeg)

8) Fava Beans

9) Great Northern Beans [Or Other White Beans]

10) Kidney Beans

11) Black Beans for Black Bean Dip

12) Steamed/canned Green Beans

14) Experiment with What You Have at Hand.

The “Smoother”


Keeps Dip from Being Too Chunky + Burning out Food Proc. / Blender

Note: Non-oils May Need 1 Tsp Oil and Some Water or Other Liquid

Try a Little More/less of Each until You Find the

Texture You Desire. You Can Extra Liquid While Blending

If Machine Is Struggling, but Add it in Very Small Amounts

to Keep Mixture from Being Too Watery.

Like Other Items, Try Mixing to See What You Come out With.

½ – 2/3 Cup Oil

1/4 – ½ Cup Yogurt

1/4 – ½ Cup Sour Cream [American-izes It]

1/4 – ½ Cup Mayo/miracle Whip [More Guacamole-ish]

1/4 – ½ Cup Tahini [Authentic]

Note: the Additional Liquids Can Be:

A) Reserved Liquid (½ Can Liquid) from Canned Beans

B) Chicken Broth

C) Water

The “Optionals”


None Are Required but Any of Them Should Be Good. Not All

Combinations May Work, So You Have to Use the “Taste Tester”

In Your Mind to Envision What Tastes Good Together and What Does Not.

If You Do Not Have a Developed Mental Taste Sense, Then Get Your

Ingredients and Ask Someone Who Does, “Will this Go Together with

That?”. or Try it Anyhow and See How it Works for You.

Everybody’s Tastes Are Different, and Experimenting Is a Blast.

Note: Saute Almost Anything for Extra Rich Flavor

Chili Powder [A ‘Kick’ and a Nice Flavor]

2 Tbls Coriander [Exotic Flavor]

Parsley Flakes [For Color]

Mint [Exotic “Greek-ish” Sweet Flavor]

Paprika [For Color]

Cayenne Pepper [Heat!]

Roasted Hot Peppers [Heat!]

1/4 Cup Chopped Onion

Onion Powder / Onion Flakes



Hot Sauce [Americanizes It]

Curry Powder [Sweetens / Indian-izes It]

Sesame Seeds [Gives Tahini Flavor, since Tahini=sesame Butter]

Turmeric [Nice Yellow Color, Indian Flavor]

½ Cup Sauteed Spinach Leaves

Allspice [More Syrian]

1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce

1 Cup Roasted Red Peppers

T Tablespoon Minced Tomato

2/3 Cup Toasted Walnuts

1 Cup Salsa


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