Twitter Submitter: 2 HTML versions and 1 W32 Program! (95/98/2K/XP – tested) and now TWTVIEW!

Updated (Feb 1 2007): Updated “lifted from twitter fan wiki”
Updated (Jan 27 2007): Twtview 1.4 Now Available! twtview now no longer truncates certain entries and, more importantly, allows you to view ANY public user’s timeline/homepage by simply typing ‘u twittername’!

‘pm’ lets you view your private messages now! [1.4]
Truly exciting new feature! Easier to do in twtview than it is in! all previous features included – read 1.2 desc for more!

Twtview main menu

Updated (Jan 25, 2007): TwtView 1.2 replace by 1.3 (but following still applies to 1.3 -ku 1/26/07) twtview allows a Win95/98/2k/xp user to view the latest entries on the public timeline (either last 100, last 50, last 25, last 10, last 5, last 1) or view their OWN latest timeline!

You can use it at the same time as Twitter Submitter W32 and you will be able to make an Twitter status update with Twitter Submitter, then be able to see the updated timelines (either on the public or on the personal timeline) almost INSTANTLY!

Let me know how/if it works on your system. I’m really quite excited to be able to offer this. It’s very ‘old school’ – brings me back to BBS days.

Twtview public timeline view

Updated (Jan 23, 2007): Twitter Submitter W32 1.4 Now available Twitter Submitter W32 1.4.

Twitter Submitter W32

readme.txt for Twitter Submitter W32

Description Below pertains to the Twitter Submitter HTML files. [more to come on Twitter Submitter W32 1.4]

NO FRILLS – just the files, please [or, read below]
simplify3’s Unsafer twitter submitter

simplify3’s Safer twitter submitter

Hello twitterers!

I suffer from MacEnvy. I admit it. Mac users have these cool Twitty widgets and Twittish applets and nifty thing-a-ma-bobs for their twitterings.

But I have a lowly Windows 95 laptop, Pentium 166, 32M Ram.
No room for nifty apps for me.

But I wanted a simple way to update my twittish ramblings too!

So, here they are after a late night session of pure puzzlement and mid-morning redemption! Change it, play with it, make money off it. It’s here for the world.

Each allows you to submit your Twitter updates using your browser without going to the site. Underneath your twitter submitter text entry box, you’ll find your Twitter page in a nifty little 750×200 Inline

1) Open code (Windows WordPad opens it just fine)
2) Change USERNAME to your Twitter username.
2a) If using “unsafer twitter submitter”, change PASSWORD to your Twitter password.
3) Save as a text file with the extension HTML or HTM.
4) Load in your web browser of choice.

simplify3’s Unsafer twitter submitter

simplify3’s Safer twitter submitter

It’s plain. But it works. It allows you to submit new twitter musings, and if you’re using a newer brower, it will show your twitter page under your text area.

When you submit your update, it will download the resulting XML file [or show it to you in the browser]. Do not fear – this is normal and harmless. Just hit “BACK” and REFRESH your page, and you will see your updated twitter entry.

Safer Twitter Submitter works under IE, Opera, Lynx & OffByOne and probably nearly every browser. [if it works under Lynx, it’ll work anywhere]. OffByOne will not show the Inline Twitter page.

Unsafer Twitter Submitter works under IE and Opera, but Lynx & OffByOne don’t like the username/password encoding in the Unsafer Twitter Submitter.

Have fun! [and don’t make fun of my coding. Just send me an improvement ( and maybe I’ll use that instead! -Ken,, Naples, FL

Posted from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL USA

See other nifty tools at: Twitter Fan Wiki

Twitter Fan Wiki PDF 2007-01-22 snapshot

Join – Twitter Yahoo Community

Twitter Tips and Tricks

Lifted from Twitter Fan Wiki 07-Feb-01 @ 3:10pm

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a way of life. It’s living with a publicity policy. It’s friends, Romans and country people the world over engaged in timely snippet conversations that fit into 160 character chunks.

sign up and see what this is all about. An interview with Obvious Corp.

Official Twitterness: Blog, Help Docs, API documentation,

The Really Important Stuff

Customer Comments and Complaints Dept.

Desktop apps

Scripts and libraries


  • dealtagger – Let all your friends know what your shopping for with the dealtagger > twitter update thingy!
  • MyChores – Keep track of your household chores and send automatic Twitter posts whenever you complete a task!
  • BBC News – Get BBC news headlines via twitter. Main news feed, and individual news channels available.


  • You can achieve the same result as the Twitter Monitor ruby script by running Adium – its Growl support is awesome!
  • If you are using the Twitter Jabber support, you can get and send twitters right from within Google Gmail



Feature Requests and Ideas

135 Responses to “Twitter Submitter: 2 HTML versions and 1 W32 Program! (95/98/2K/XP – tested) and now TWTVIEW!”

  1. simplify3 Says:

    Link to this site now found on

  2. Aimee Says:

    Hey, good work! I’m glad you found the Twitter Fan Wiki too … i think that’s going to become a rather useful resource for us all!

    Thanks for letting me be the first to test it! 🙂

  3. blaine Says:

    Hey there,

    good work! You can get rid of the problem with seeing the XML response by POSTing to instead of

    Hope that helps!

  4. simplify3 Says:

    Hi Blaine! Didn’t work – tried a version without the XML extension and I got one of the Twitter cats in response :-/ Still, I kinda like the “rawness” of seeing the XML popping up. Shows you what’s behind the scenes, and perhaps will help others who are developing tools but not Web2.0 saavy (like myself) speed up their projects some.

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    […] windows users try the Twitter Submitter (scroll down to lots of Twitter resources), but this is browser based, I need something like […]

  6. simplify3 Says:

    Now twtview 1.3 available! you can view ANY public user’s homepage/timeline by simply typing ‘u twittername’ at the prompt in twtview! available at

  7. simplify3 Says:

    twtview 1.5 allows you now to view your private messages as well as the timeline/homepage of ANY user!

  8. Library clips :: A list of SMS groups and services and mobile social networks :: March :: 2007 Says:

    […] by SMS. What about send (and perhaps receive) by email? TwitterPost, Twitterific, Twapp, Twitter Submitter, Twitteroo, and Twidget are other ways to get updated and to post to […]

  9. Kenneth Udut Says:

    I can import Twitter stuff at:

    I used my own invention here 🙂 Good for me!

  10. SP Says:

    BTW for 100% access to all documented Twitter REST APIs directly from Ruby you can install the new Twitter4R Gem by: gem install twitter4r.

    For more information please refer to:
    You can check out the following for more details:


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  50. Massive List of Twitter Apps for Windows | Says:

    […] Twtview 1.4 NEW FEATURES: ‘pm’ lets you see your private messages, ‘u twittername’ will show any public users homepage. (Jan 27 07). For Win32. View all public timelines and personal timeline without needing web browser. Can be used at the same time as Twitter Submitter W32 to instantly see your submissions. Kenneth Udut […]

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